3 volumes, 2,316 pages, 4,012 stamps, paperback, size A4, February 2019

First supplement 244 pages, 376 stamps, 141 biographies, size A4, April 2020


This site is about the publication Health Care Professionals and Medical Scientists on Postage Stamps; A biographical catalogue by Rudy Burgmeijer M.D.

As of January 2020 some 230 countries had issued stamps with the portrait of more than 1,500 different physicians, medical scientists, dentists, nurses, pharmacologists and veterinarians.

This publication is written for people who are not only interested in collecting these stamps, but also in the life and career of the persons portrayed on them. Read who is the person behind the picture and become astonished how many men and women have combined their medical career with other professions, hobbies or social activities.

In the three volumes of the first edition (2019) plus the Supplement 2020 (2020) the author has brought together 1,609 interesting biographies, illustrated with 4,388 reproductions of stamps from his collection on a total of 2,558 pages. This work gives you an insight into medical history from thousands of years before Christ till the present day.

This book is also an elegant and interesting present for health care workers on a special occasion (e.g. retirement).

Even if you are not a health care professional, medical scientist or stamp collector, you may enjoy this book by browsing the pages with full colour illustrations of stamps in actual size and make a philatelic ramble through medical history.

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