3 volumes, 2,310 pages, 4,028 stamps, February 2019

First supplement 242 pages, 376 stamps, April 2020
Second supplement 488 pages, 499 stamps, May 2021
Total number of biographies: 1,834

All books paperback, size A4

A Biographical Stamp Catalogue of Health Care Professionals: The Person Behind the Stamp

Are you a thematic medical stamp collector? Or more specially: a collector of stamps with portraits of health care professionals? Or are you interested in medical history and you like to see that illustrated by means of postage stamps with portraits of persons who have contributed to it?
Then the unique book Health Care Professionals and Medical Scientists on Postage Stamps is a must-have for you!

Unique, because the author Rudy Burgmeijer has brought together postage stamps with portraits of health care professionals and their biographies on such a large scale: on 3,040 pages the biographies of 1,834 individuals with links to medicine are illustrated by 4,904 reproductions of stamps and official postal stationary.

As of May 2021 the complete work consists of the three volumes of the first edition (published in 2019), Supplement 2020 and Supplement 2021

A biographical catalogue is not a usual philatelic catalogue like Michel (Germany), Scott (USA), Stanley Gibbons (UK) and Yvert & Tellier (France). So, you’ll not find pure philatelic information such as changes of paper, perforation, shade, watermark and misprints.

Of course men and women who dedicated their whole life to medicine are included on the book. But also people with a medical degree or who studied medicine for some time and switched to another profession for which they became more famous are included: writers, astronauts, sportsmen and –women, politicians, diplomats, musicians and others.

Make a philatelic ramble through medical history by browsing the pages and enjoy the more than 4,000 reproductions of postage stamps in full colour, most of them in actual size.

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